It was Tina who encouraged us to check these guys out. I had not really heard or seen anything about them and so was pretty much open to anything.

What Finisterra seem to specialize in is fun. They do this by combining a fairly large ensemble of musicians whose specialties range from modern electronic rock and synth instruments to lutes, bagpipes, fiddles, and tambourines.

The band consisted of first off, a female vocalist wearing a unique corset type outfit that had large metal cones for her brazier, sort of like the operatic female Viking outfits of the Valkries from Vagner or something. She spun around with her veils and was very active and exuberant.

There was a guy with a leather medieval style outfit who would switch between guitar and bag-pipe (and can be seen warmly toasting the crowd with a king-size beer early in the day). Another dude switched between electric base, bagpipes, tambourine and even donned a jester cap and did some festival activities like juggling fire.

I have to admit, not speaking German, I missed out on what was being said in these impromptu sessions, but the native crowd were breaking into waves of laughter so it seemed to be some sort of comedic satirical type thing with a flavor of medieval jester/bard antics.

In addition they had a woman playing keyboards, lutes, bagpipes, and providing back up vocals on different songs. A live fiddle player moved about adding a festive, heel-kicking type pluck to the songs with a very unique looking instrument.

Both he and the keyboard/piper woman wore long medieval style robes of different shades of blue. Way in the back, a drummer sat behind his kit, banging out the beats, hard to make out but also dressed in leather garb.

Theses guys were really fun to watch. They involved the crowd and really set a joyful festival type atmosphere and it was contagious. The entire crowd laughed, cheered and danced to the music. I would have to say I have not seen anything quite like it.

Despite similarity to other bands in the scene who utilize similar instruments in their line-up, only Schandmaul capture this type of festive, happy type atmosphere but even with that comparison there are many differences in the mood and definitely in the songs themselves.

I did find the jester spoken word parts a little long but mainly because I didn't get the point or brunt of the humor due to language barrier on my part but the fire juggling is amusing.

They definitely are great musicians, most of whom are extremely multi-talented, switching instruments from song to song. They are worth including in your viewing schedule if can get a chance to see them.

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