Live at Safari Sams

Hollywood, CA 9/20/2008

Review by Travis Baumann

Gencab opened the night at Safari Sams for Aesthetic Perfection, [:SITD:], and Imperative Reaction. I had never heard of them before but they introduced themselves and said they came from New Jersey.

Daniel the master-mind behind Aesthetic Perfection was playing keyboards for them in addition to the lead singer and the other member playing live drums.

They had a dark electro style to their music with slightly distorted vocals. They fit in well with the other bands of the evening and were actually quite good, the audience getting into them without much prompting which is rather rare for Los Angeles.

After a few songs the lead singer loosened up and joked with the audience. He introduced "the fourth member of the band, Jim" and then passed Mr. Beam around into the audience after taking some huge swigs themselves.

People grabbed the bottle and took huge gulps for a bit and then passed it back up onto stage before any serious liquor licensing issues could be put at risk.

Safari Sams was insanely loud for how small a venue it was and the lighting kind of sucked but these guys were not really projecting image anyways, the lead singer having a grey sweatshirt with hood up most of the show.

All in all it was a great start to the evening and set a good mood getting everyone in a drinking, dancing, partying mood before Aesthetic Perfection took the stage.

I would definitely seek out more from these guys after this initial taste and I bet they ended up with a slew of new fans after this show. They seemed pleased with their first Los Angeles gig so we may see more of them soon.

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