Gentleman Junkie

Live at Tia Juana's

Pomona, CA

November 25th, 2016

Review by Travis Baumann

Photos by Tina and Travis Baumann

Gentleman Junkie is a Los Angeles based Darkwave Electro band that have been putting out albums and playing live for over ten years now. Tonight they were the opening act for Mexico City's Amduscia who were making their American debut so there was a good turnout on Black Friday.

Tia Juana's is an interesting venue choice, located in the distant suburb of Pomona it actually had OK lighting and sound systems and enough room on stage for the band and on the floor for the audience to spread out.

Gentleman Junkie consist of band founder and lead singer, Ed Korn and his compatriot Bil K. on live synths. In the studio they both contribute to song construction and programming.

The songs vary from harsher Electro Industrial floor stompers to emotionally charged Darkwave Synth Pop numbers. Lyrics run the gamut from raging at religion with songs like "No God" and the awesome "Holy War" to introspective contemplation with "Life is Death" as well as covering love and loss with songs like "One Last Kiss".

Ed moves about the stage as he delivers the vocals keeping the two man project dynamic while Bil handles the electronics at the back of the stage.

They did a few new tracks that Ed announced as they moved through the set list as well as club favorites from both of their albums. One of my favorites of the night was "I Strike A Balance". They finished the set with "Die In LA" which Ed proceeded by saying the song was about the greatest city in the world "Where anything goes" and the chorus reiterates that he wants to die here (eventually) as there is no other place he would rather live out his life.

It was a good show and the second time I have seen Gentleman Junkie live, the first being a little over eight years ago when they were just starting to play live. I think they have definitely matured but at the same time have stayed very true to their sound and message all these years. Its good to see the LA scene still striving and succeeding and they rounded out a great evening with the awesome Harsh Electro band Amduscia playing. It was absolutely worth the drive from LA proper.

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