God Module

Live at The Music Box

in Hollywood, CA

November 7th, 2010

God Module are a dark electronic act currently hailing from the north western region of North America and have become a significant presence in the world wide dark industrial dance community for over a decade now.

They describe themselves as "Spooky Dance Music" incorporating driving synthetic percussion, melodic synth hooks, distorted vocals, and sound clips taken from the films that influence them.

The band was founded by Jasyn Bangert who has remained the consistant driving force behind the band's sound, imagery and lyrics.

Present from the beginning was Courtney performing female vocals on certain tracks. Since their first release, she has become a permanent member of the band, now handling live electronic duties as well as vocals and is also now wife to Jasyn, cementing their partnership on and off stage.

There have been a few additional members on and off over the years but as of July of this year, an excellent move on their part was to bring local favorite, Clint Carney into the fold on a permanent basis. Clint handles live keyboards in addition to lending lead and back up vocals to various songs.  It was cool to see Clint doing more of a distorted, evil style vocal, as his own projects System Syn and Fake have taken a cleaner more refined vocal treatment in the last few years.

The band's debut album, "Artificial", saw release in the year 2000 and with several full lengths put out since then, they have a pretty significant back catalog to explore. Being one of the opening acts for Combichrist limited them to a compact set duration however, so they had to choose their fan favorites and get the crowd moving.

Even with only a half dozen songs to the set, it was varied and exciting to see each of the three members take turns on the keyboards as well as expressing themselves vocally.

The stage show had copious amounts of smoke rolling across the stage as well as moody blue and red lighting mixing to brilliant violets and purples.

I thought the show was well done, a competent sound mix brought a nice stompy feel to the percussion tracks without over powering the synth lines and the vocal distortion was at the correct level to still be able to understand the lyrics but get that nice evil synthetic touch to it.

Courtney did not have distortion on her vocals, the songs featuring her definitely standing out of the entire evening's harsh male aggressive tendencies, and fittingly met with a well deserved level of audience appreciation.

I saw them years ago at a venue only blocks from here and in the time since, they have developed far more stage presence and confidence having performed, and in some cases headlined, at some of the world's largest festivals dedicated to this style of music.

The Music Box was totally packed tonight, it was a great turn out for promoters Das Bunker, and the audience was extremely receptive to God Module's style of Synthetic Horror Music.

I was really happy with the audience's overall demeanor. They were in a high spirited, active, but extremely friendly mood and cheered for every song, only wanting more when the curtain call came.

West Coasters are fortunate as God Module are only doing four select dates on this tour, starting here in California and working their way back up to their region of the country. If you are attending one of these shows, make sure you get there in time to catch these guys, it is worth it.

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