Live at The House of Blues

Hollywood, California

November 6th, 2014

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Gwar Eternal visits Los Angeles for a night of bloodshed and bodily fluids.

The legend of Gwar tells the tale of a group of intergalactic warriors, "The Scumdogs of the Universe", crash landing in Antarctica. Initially poised to conquer "This Toilet, Earth" they ended up getting themselves addicted to crack and other drugs and eventually formed a metal band instead.

Twenty seven years later, even though a number of the original landing party have fallen, Gwar continues... Gwar is Eternal.

As we come upon the Gwar time continuum, their fearless leader, Oderous Urungus has been lost in time and in his absence, Blothar and Vulvatron have come to join the remaining members as they continue their ongoing destruction.

This time around, there are numerous additional villains and allies that come out to assist or fight the band throughout their performance.

The show begins with the image of Sleazy P. Martini, their manager, appearing on their Magic Mirror. He tells of how Oderous has been pulled through time and of this perilous period in Gwar's history.

Immediately a large security guard comes out to the stage but before he can tell everyone to leave a larger reptilian form emerges. Bonesnapper cleaves the head off of the security guard sending a geyser of blood pumping out into the audience.

The band takes the stage and they begin their set with the song "Fly Now". They continued with "Madness at the Core of Time". Blothar enters the scene and at first Gwar want to fight him. It turns out he came out of the same time vortex that sucked up Oderous and that he is potentially Beefcake's ancestor.

Gwar and Blothar join forces and he sings "The Years Without Light" and "Hail, Genocide!". He fits in well with Gwar, being some sort of Stag hybrid creature bearing an unusual udder type organ wear Oderous' Cuttlefish of Cthulhu would have hung.

Suddenly they are attacked by Sawborg Destructo with his huge mechanical saw blade arm. He sings "The Private Pain of Sawborg Destructo" as he battles down Blothar and other members of the band.

Without warning, a warrior woman appears. Volvatron raises a mighty spiked mace and slams Sawborg to the ground before ripping off his saw arm and using it on him, ending his pain once and for all. Volvatron is immediately accepted into the ranks and takes over vocals for the song "Tormentor".

Madness ensues as the reptilian crony sings "I, Bonesnapper" and then Blothar and Volvatron share vocals for a number of songs including "Black and Huge", "Hate Love Songs" and "Saddam a Go-Go".

Between Blothar hosing down the audience with the bloody mix of fluids from his udder (or "bag of dicks" as he calls it) and various enemies being hacked to pieces and spluging all over everyone, Volvatron bares her large breasts and shoots "boob blood" all over the place, showing that she does indeed belong in Gwar.

"Bloodbath" was played during all this and then they came upon my favorite song of the evening, one that takes me back to my first encounter with Gwar, "Horror of Yig" off of their sophomore album, "Scumdogs of the Universe".

At this point there was some activity with the Magic Mirror and suddenly the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu (Oderous' sentient penis for those not in the know) popped through the mirror.

Blothar yelled, "Oh no, he thinks its a glory hole" but unfortunately for Oderous, this separated him from his Cuttlefish leaving him stranded in time and dickless. The Cuttlefish got so excited by Bonesnapper and Volvatron holding it that it started shooting green fluid out over the audience.

The band really needed a recharge so their slave minions produced giant sized balls of crack and various pills which they partook of.

They played "Metal Metal Land" and "Let Us Slay" when suddenly a huge purple creature came out with magma arms. Volvatron and Blothar hacked its arms off but it had weird tentacles underneath that shot blood. They proceeded to rip it's chest open which revealed grinning and spitting demons inside.

Volvatron eventually tore the creature's head off and they dragged the carcass from the stage. They finished up the main set with "Mr. Perfect" before taking a break in the wings of their slaughter-encrusted stage.

Gwar returned to the stage with much chanting and hollering from a blood and bodily-fluid soaked audience. It was a solemn affair though, as the band all came out carrying Oderous' giant sword as if it were a coffin. They set it up in memoriam of their lost leader and then Blothar took over bass guitar duties while Beefcake the Mighty sang the age-old ballad, "The Road Behind".

For the final number, Volvatron, Blothar, and Balsac the Jaws of Death all came center stage and they sang "West End Girls", orginally by Pet Shop Boys. It was a brutal, violent rendition obviously.

It was a great show if you can handle it. Gwar is not for everyone but if you can stomach the violence, along with all the sexual and scatological humor, it is very entertaining.

Within the last few years we lost two members, first the talented Cory Smoot (Flattus Maximus) and then the kingpin of the Scumdogs, Dave Brockie (Oderous Urungus).

I am happy to say that the current lineup did a great job of keeping the Gwar flame alive and putting on a show that both of these guys, especially Dave would be proud of.

Gwar Eternal!

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