Live at The House of Blues

Hollywood, California

November 27th, 2011

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Hate are a Black/Death Metal band that hails from Warsaw, Poland. They come to the stage with corpse paint on their faces, dark clothing on their bodies, and brutality in their music.

They are currently on tour with the legendary Black Metal band Mayhem as well as Keep of Kalessin.

While Hate definitely do not win awards for originality of their band's name, they do put on an awesome show. They immediately bring to mind their countrymen, Behemoth with their sound and makeup but hold their own as a band.

They started the set with the title track of their latest release, "Erebos". The lead singer, Adam The First Sinner, is the band founder as well as lead guitarist. They play with an additional guitarist, bassist and drummer.

They dove an album further back for "Threnody" off of "Morphosis". The vocals remind me a lot of "Slaves Shall Serve" era Behemoth which is a good thing.

As an opening band they had an extremely limited set and with their songs not being short pieces they only had two left. They did "Hex" off of their 2005 album "Anaclasis, A Haunting Gospel..." before coming back to the newest release for their final track, "Luminous Horizon".

It was a shame they got such an abbreviated set as they were pretty awesome live. I am not a fan of the name of their band as it is so generic and doesn't tell much about the band itself but if you get past that and give them a try, they are really good.

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