Live at 1720

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

September 28th, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Cold Waves Festival in Los Angeles brings together premiere industrial, cold wave, and gothic bands for three nights of festivities. The band Hide was a new one for me but a really good addition to the line up.

An electronic duo based out of Chicago they perform an aggressive style of industrial music with heavy percussion and noisy distorted samples. Gabel performs the vocal duties and Seth Sher handles the electronics with lights strobing at seizure inducing levels.

Avant guard in nature, their compositions are unsettling and experimental. Vocals are often screamed and harsh, filled with aggression and tortured.

Bringing to mind a cross between old school industrial such as Test Dept and the no-rules work of Diamanda Galas, Hide challenge the listener as they examine the darker side of humanity and the crimes of nature that the human race has done to itself.

For this live set they played some of their more steady-beat songs and kept it to semi-accessible material both for the sake of focus and introduction for new listeners. Gabel was a dynamic front woman, emoting on stage while she thrashed to the music and sang and screamed her painful verse.

It was a cool show and made for some really interesting photographs with the intense pulsing strobe lighting they used.

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