It seems like there were numerous times that Hocico tours in the US had been announced or at least rumored but due to visa issues and other circumstances it had always ended up not happening.

Finally they were actually making it to Los Angeles and we would have the chance to see them live. A venue change ended up being a huge positive as they got to play the Henry Fonda Music Box on Hollywood Blvd.

It was a spacious venue with pretty high-class trim for Hollywood. The place was extremely packed as this show was a long time in coming.

Hocico had quite a few albums out by this time so a long set-time was assured.  Haujobb was the co-headliner on this tour with no opening act so it was straight to the good-stuff at this show.

Erk and Rasco came to the stage dressed in patent leather, each sporting a shaved head style of some sort, Erk  a traditional Mohawk, while Rasco had a do similar to a friar or some medieval monk but in a spiky evil style.

It is commonly said (and correctly) that LA audiences don't dance. Most often, the crowd does not get moving here....don't know why, I guess this city just makes us apathetic and hyper- critical...anyways, this was not the case with this band. The audience was moving from the hit of the first beat.

The anticipation was high and Hocico were beyond the expectations. Erk was a blur of motion assaulting the crowd with his harsh raspy delivery.

"Signos de Aberacion", their latest CD, had just come out and was their best to date. Hocico hale from Mexico and their musical specialty is to excellently blend beautiful, melancholy synth pieces with slamming beats and super harsh vocals...a perfect mix to say the least.

What makes them stand out most from bands that use these same ingredients is the mood that they create...a distinct dark world that is very alluring.  Live they succesfully capture this world but more intensely and aggressively

They played some of my favorites of their older tracks but a good number of songs from the new release were included which was great to get such a long and rounded set, not having had the chance to appreciate any of the older material live.

As they returned for the encore, Rasco and Daniel Demeyer of Haujobb came out with Champagne announcing that it was Erk's thirtieth birthday and proceeded to douse him with alcohol. Erk laughed and tried to catch the run-off champagne with his tongue.

They proceeded to do a great encore and finished up an awesome set. Hocico are a great band with a unique mood and definitely add a powerful presence to the world electro scene.

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