Live at The Regent Theater

Los Angeles, CA

March 15th, 2019

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Hypocrisy is a legendary melodic death metal band from Sweden. Based around founder and multi-talented musician and producer, Peter Tägtgren, the band has been around for nearly thirty years and have a dozen albums, the latest being "End of Disclosure".

Joining Peter on stage are Mikael Hedlund on bass guitar, the infamous Horgh on drums (also known for his part in the legendary black metal band, Immortal), and Tomas Elofsson on guitars. Peter plays guitar live as well as lead vocals.

They opened the set with "Fractured Millennium" from their self-titled album (which was actually their sixth album released). They moved all over their extended catalog, often giving each album a single selection.

Next up was "Valley of the Damned" from "A Taste of Extreme Divinity". They did the title track from the latest, "End of Disclosure", before moving on to "Adjusting the Sun" from 1997's "The Final Chapter".

"Eraser" was a fan-favorite from the "Arrival" album before they went into a massive medley combining "Pleasure of Molestation" with "Osculum Obscenum" and "Penetralia". The mosh pit was relentless for their entire set, many having waiting many years to get to see Hypocrisy live.

"Fire in the Sky" from "Into the Abyss" was another song focused on extra terrestrials, abduction, and alien life. "Killing Art" was featured from the "Abducted" album, one of the few releases to see more than one selection taken from it as they doubled down on this release for "Buried" giving the inkling that this was one of their favored albums to play live.

"Warpath" came from the "Virus" album representing one of their later releases, relatively speaking. They finished up the main set with the title track from "The Final Chapter" album and then took a short break while the crowd chanted their name.

Upon returning to the stage they presented "Roswell 47" from the "Abducted" album replete with the intro "The Gathering" and outro, "Deathrow (No Regrets)" from recording.

I have to say it was pretty cool to get to see Hypocrisy do so many classic songs from all over their historic catalog. They avoided any of the really old material with the original lead singer before Peter took over those duties and I was surprised they only did one song from their latest release, but I cannot complain about what we got.

Peter is such an amazing talent, his producer credits are unbelievable - basically a who's-who of the metal scene from every sub-genre out there.  He has produced everyone from Dimmu Borgir to Sabaton to Amon Amarth to Tarja.  I also love his more industrial metal projects such as PAIN and his latest effort, Lindemann with Till from Rammstein.

It was awesome to get to see him play with his own band that started it all and I can't wait until I get to see him again in whatever project he tours with next.

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