Iced Earth

Live at The House of Blues

Hollywood, California

May 2nd, 2014

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Iced Earth return to Southern California supporting their latest release "Plagues of Babylon". This is the second album featuring their newest lead singer Stu Brock and it easily ranks up there with their greatest releases.

With a band that has been around as long as these guys, it is hard to choose what to play as they have so many great songs from their vast back catalog but the last two albums being as great as they are, I always look forward to new material.

They started off the set with the title track from the new album and sequed into the second track off of it as well, "Democide". Really great songs that follow the Iced Earth mythos with apocalytpic settings and events on a biblical scale.

This lead into a classic song, "Burning Times" that felt right at home amongst the newer material and showed that Stu can belt out the older fan favorites in perfect form.

They played a track off of their previous album "Dystopia" called "V" and then went back to one of my all time favorites from the past, "The Hunter".

Their next song I was not familiar with which I didn't think was possible but I enjoyed see it live. Looking it up later it was "Red Baron/Blue Max" but I could not find what album it is off of.

They went back to the new release for one of my favorite songs of theirs, "If I Could See You" which has that melancholy mood that Iced Earth do so well, it instantly felt like a classic from the moment I heard it.

I love how Iced Earth can just move around their huge catalog of songs and all of them feel cohesive and powerful no matter whether it came out last month or twenty years ago. They went back to "Dystopia" for "Boiling Point" and then much farther back in time for "Vengeance Is Mine".

I have always been into the Cthulhu mythos and Lovecraft so instantly loved their track "Cthuhlu" off their latest release and couldn't help but sing along when they played it live.

They finished off the main set with "My Own Savior" and then came back out for an awesome encore starting off with "The Coming Curse" which is the only song from the "Something Wicked" trilogy I have ever seen them do live. They went on to do "Dystopia", the amazing "Watching Over Me" and finished off with the classic "Iced Earth" song which they close their concerts with.

Iced Mother Fucking Earth!

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