By Virtual Night Angel

Idiot Stare is one of my favorite LA bands and they were playing first so I arrived early. Idiot Stare uses elements of punk and industrial-elektro with unique lyrics, samples & clips. The club started letting us in and we presented our prepaid ticket master tickets and the lady at the door started screaming this guys name, obviously her boss. He came over and told us we were the only ones who purchased tickets and therefore would receive free drinks all night! This made Travis and I much happier as drinks are always expensive in LA. Chad Bishop was hanging around the stage talking and drinking. I've met Chad before, but only briefly. He always looks different to me. This night he had his sides shaved, long blonde small braided hair going down the middle back of his head, looking very cool with a dark outfit & big black boots. Idiot Stare were on time and got started almost instantly! The first song, "Cash Out" warmed up the audience while watching each member & listening to the different effects in the music that were being played. I was liking Bruce King's performance, one of two guitarists in Idiot Stare. He added a metal edge to the music reminding me of the Die Krupps and Oomph. The next song, "Oranges" is very familiar to me, because it's on the RAS DVA quadruple compilation. Myke Smith, the second guitarist, played hard edged riveting guitar that's great for dancing or slamming. "Oranges" has influencial keyboard sounds and programming performed by Myke Smith. Myke is one of their energetic members who did a bit of the industrial stomp during the song,"Black Heart". He figures it's hard enough getting people to a show, so he better make them remember it and have fun! By this time some of Chad's friends from Insight 23 showed up. He got excited and smiled and goofed off a bit. Blayne Alexander from Insight 23 sang with Chad for the track,"To The Head", which I hear is his favorite. The LA duo performed strong, brutal vocals together and left the crowd impressed. My all time favorite played that night was, "Legacy of Hate" originally by Chad's old band (STG) Screaming To God. The whole stage show sounded so great with Idiot Stare's Dave Ivy thrashing on drums, triggers & programming. Idiot Stare is definitely going in the right direction! Look for their new CD, "Blinded" available now.

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