February 24th, 2008

Crash Mansion, Los Angeles

"Informatik" have played Los Angeles a few times but this is the first time we have been able to take photos.

As you will see, we have an interview with them from the mid-90's shortly after their debut CD "Direct Memory Access" came out. We have been fans of theirs since that time, and followed their releases for the last 13 years as well as that of their side-project "Din Fiv".

Both projects focus around singer-songwriter Da5id Din and feature dance-friendly electronics and although they border on synth-pop sensibilities, they have a darker sound and mentality that pushes them more into the Goth-Industrial club scene. "Watching You Watching Me" in particular, is quite popular.

In more recent years the band has gone through a few changes with Tyler coming in to replace Matthew Crowfoot and changing coasts in terms of studio-base, but more or less they have stayed true to their Dark-Electro roots.

Live, Tyler handled keys and guitar (which is rather new from my experience with them) and in addition to Da5id's vocals, they had a live drummer this time.

The strength of their music for me, lies in Da5id's vocals and lyrics.  He sings with a deep, sincere delivery and from personal discussions with him in the past, has always struck me as an intellectual.

On stage, I would have to say they are pretty mellow. Da5id and Tyler do move around the stage (the latter when sporting the guitar which is only featured on a few of the songs), but not with fierce energy by any means.

Da5id used to dress up in black patent leather in industrial stylings and portray a darker image than this evening, but perhaps he was going for a more dressed up look: fitting when opening for a band who always wears three-piece suits I guess.

The most important part of the show for them is definitely the quality of the sound and Da5id does do a good job of singing live. I can't really say how much of their layered electronic sound is actually generated live but it had a full sound and at least was not just a backing track.

This was my first time to this venue and I felt the club was insanely dark with moderately adequate stage lighting, but in the audience you were left to stumble blindly about (even between bands). The stage was fairly wide but not very deep but for a three piece electronic band it was sufficient.

My favorite song of the set was "Saints and Sinners", this one I really enjoyed on CD and is a good live track. There were a few songs with guitar which were a bit more uptempo yet, but overall, their songs provide a nice solid beat to move your bodies to.

Some songs met with cheers when the first few measures were played or Da5id announced them, so there were definitely a good number of fans in the audience.

I think it was a pretty good pairing to have "Informatik" open for "And One". I have been a much bigger fan of Da5id's music than "And One" and so it was "Informatik" on the billing that got me to the show. I am really glad I stuck around for "And One" - for the first time I really gave then a chance, and enjoyed them as well.

It is good to see an original Electro act still going strong after 13 years of paving their own way.

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