review by Travis Baumann

Inscape have a perfect blend of danceable, driven ebm and an emotive lead singer that I would say borders into gothic sounds with the refined romanticism of the vocals. I had originally heard the single "Immer Ich" and enjoyed it quite a bit but it wasn't until I had listened to the full-length a couple of times that I really appreciated their sound.

Inscape played a venue we hadn't been in yet - "Haus Leipzig" - so we went over to a new part of town and found the venue in time to see the openers - Scream Silence but they had canceled. Inscape luckily were there and went on in the early afternoon in a large dark hall. Chris Poll from Blutengel and Terminal Choice was helping guest sound at the console and doing the lighting (and does a remix for "Immer Ich" on the single).

Inscape sounded great. There is something about keyboard bass-lines that are so driving when pumped up in a live atmosphere . I found the vocalist perfectly mysterious and intense as he sang every song, each I could swear was my favorite as they did it. The sound was amazing and you could tell the pieces and samples they were playing live as apposed to just a DAT with vocals.

I really enjoy listening to the album and thinking back not only on this performance but my time in Europe as a whole. I put the CD in often to recapture the atmosphere and fun that I had there this last time.

I am really looking forward to their next album and the time when I can see them live again.

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