Live at The Belasco Theater

Los Angeles, CA

October 30th, 2021

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Ukrainian metal-core band, Jinjer have quickly elevated to the top of my list of favorite bands to see live. The quartet featuring the amazing vocal talents of Tatiana Shmailyuk continue to capture hearts and minds around the globe on their meteoric rise.

Jinjer form a juggernaut of power and energy on stage; from Roman Ibramkhalilov's unconventional guitar work, to Eugene Abdukhanov's chugging bass riffs, to Vladislav Ulasevish's unrelenting rhythms, the trio lay down the foundation for the voice of the band to weave her magic.

Powerful to delicate as the situation calls for, Tatiana ranges from angelic and uplifting to deep guttural growls that pummel the listener into submission. Her stage presence is felt to the back of the room as she opens a portal to her soul and channels that magnificent energy out into the world at large.

With the outbreak of the global pandemic in early 2020, this show seamed to be endlessly rescheduled with its initial date meant to be on my birthday (4/24), it then got moved to later that year, then aimed for spring of the next year and finally happened the day before Halloween in late 2021.

In that time Jinjer were not idle, having produced another full length album, "Wallflowers" to bring to the masses once the tour was actually able to commence. The pandemic appears to be far from over however, as the virus struck the band early in the tour forcing their drummer to sit out a few dates but luckily for the sold out crowd in downtown Los Angeles, he is back behind the kit for this amazing show.

The set list for this evening would focus heavily on the new release, but also include a number of songs from both their previous album and EP, "Macro" and "Micro" respectively.  I was very happy they found room for one of my all-time favorite songs of theirs from "King of Everything" as well with "I Speak Astronomy".

Tatiana spoke to the crowd in between songs with a big smile on her face, feeding off the incredible energy the crowd brought to the lavish old theater from a different era.

She commented on how she used to be an extreme introvert and "Wallflowers" was written with those feelings and friends in mind. She said that as a band, they have had the opportunity to spend the last twelve years on many stages, growing in size as well as number, and that has helped her transform from recluse into the charismatic front woman that stands before us on this night.

It was an amazing show. Each time I see them live I leave utterly impressed and empowered by the experience and cannot recommend checking out Jinjer highly enough.

Set list:

Call Me a Symbol

On the Top

Pit of Consciousness

I Speak Astronomy


Judgement (& Punishment)

Sleep of the Righteous






As I Boil Ice




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