Live at The Echoplex

Los Angeles, CA

November 29th, 2019

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Kalmah are a melodic death metal band from Finland on tour with country-mates Ensiferum. They incorporate many of the styles associated with the folk metal sub genre and are a good fit for the team-up.

This is the first I have heard of them in preparation for the show but the actually have a huge following here in Los Angeles and were greeted with an energetic crowd at the Echoplex.

Touring in support of their eight studio album, "Palo" they played a nine song set touching upon a majority of their releases.

Kalmah means "to the death/grave" and consists of Pekka Kokko on lead vocals and guitar, Antti Kokko on lead guitar, Timo Lehtinen on bass guitar, Janne Kusmin on drums, and Veli-Matti Kananen on keyboards.

Pekka was quite funny but with a very dry delivery when he addressed the crowd in between songs and they had quite a mosh pit going the entirety of their set. The other members would join in for the chorus sections which the audience also heavily participated in.

Their set list started off with "Swamphell" and moved through "The Evil Kin", "The Third, The Magical", "Evil in You", "Seventh Swamphony", "Moon of My Nights", "The Black Waltz", "Heros to Us", and concluded with "Hades".

It was a great show and won me over instantly. I am really surprised I had not come across these guys previously but I am a fan now, that is for sure.  


I highly recommend seeing them live as they put on an amazing heavy performance but they also made me laugh out loud quite a few times with their odd sense of humor and demeanor.  I saw the guys outside after the show and they were really nice and gracious for the kind words about their show.

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