Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid

KMFDM at Virgin Records April 28th, signing their new CD Nihil.

Opening night, May 3rd LIVE at The American Hollywood Legion.

KMFDM is fantastic live, once you experience their style, energetic mood and sound, many others won't compare! KMFDM go out of there way with their many talents, and give us incredible live sound, that's visually as pleasing!

En Esch wearing a blue collar work shirt, showing his legs on my left, singing & playing drums and guitar. Sascha drumming on the right, singing his unique lyrics in a KMFDM T, a ripped jean jacket and jeans. Center stage, singing and on guitar, Raymond gave a phenomenal live performance! Gunter Schultz, master on guitar had a short sleave very cool sparkly silver shirt and black jeans. Jezebel entertained with strong vocals & a tight black outfit with feathers on the shoulders and black fish net tights. I enjoy two or more guitarists, and multiple vocalists for wide variety and sound.

KMFDM gives me it all!

Perfect lyrics so clear in my mind, each verse will rhyme with a similar newness in each ultra-heavy beat. The new CD, "Nihil", has impressive power and is very sensual. The creative future style that represents an image of honor and respect. My favorite song off the new CD is "Trust" with backing female vocals of Dorona Alberti singing with Sascha Konietzko.

Songs were performed off previous CD's such as: "ANGST", "UAIOE", "DON'T BLOW YOUR TOP" and "PIG VS KMFDM".

KMFDM keeps me very content, even if I'm in a hot sticky building, sweat dripping off my face, sore feet, and where no smoking is allowed!

Look for Regenorator's new release, Dink's new single, and a remix for Young Gods, "Kissing the Sun", all of which Sascha has recently worked on.

Thanks for living in America!

Virgin Records

After seeing KMFDM twice last year for the "ANGST FEST '94", I went to the signing to meet them face to face. The first member I met & extended my hand to, was Gunter Schultz who signed my copy of Nihil. Next I spoke to Sascha who gave me a signed poster and En Esch who received a poster gift from my boyfriend, pictured here!

A Big Welcome Back! to Raymond Watts who was wearing some tuff, high, black fashion boots, he's very tall, and just as striking as his picture on the awesome "PIG", "Praise the Lard", CD. KMFDM brought friends from the band,which included back up vocalist JEZEBEL with bright wild pink hair and live guitarist M7.

Contact KMFDM at:

KMFDM Inc. PO Box 470199 Chicago, IL 60647-0199

By Tina Louise Ruben

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