review by Travis Baumann

I have had the opportunity to see Das Ich twice in person in Los Angeles and they always put on an excellent show. On the last double CD of remixes from Das Ich we had the chance to hear Bruno Kramm (the mind behind the music) add a touch of his own vocals to the mix and they were a nice addition. I was quite interested in seeing what his solo project might be like.

The stage setup consisted of three large keyboards, each mounted on a custom stand that looked like a huge coiled spring. Each of the keyboards was "operated" by an attractive woman done up in leather and latex with cool spikey bits protruding from their outfits. The trio of ladies also gave vocal support.

Bruno was in front, leaping and dancing around the three women. There were lasers, lights, and smoke to enhance the atmosphere as well as additional musicians and/or technicians in the far rear of the stage but it was difficult to make out other than the drummer.

Bruno was filled with energy and sounded great. I had not heard any of the songs prior but there was immediately a familiar and comfortable factor to the music, as if I had heard the songs before and I was really enjoying the music.

I wasn't too sure the girls were really playing their instruments but they sure added an awesome mood and did enhance the songs with their back up vocals. They were all really attractive and fashionable and made a good impression.

I thought it was interesting that Kramm opened for Umbra et Imago (the band I was MOST looking forward to seeing this festival) and I felt it was a good match even though Bruno's music was much more electronic and not quite so harsh in terms of vocals or attitude.

When I got back in the States I found the album and picked it up. I like it quite a bit. It boarders synth-pop with its soothing sounds vocally and excellent, danceable music and sure is quite different from the sound of Das Ich which I am glad for - its not just Das Ich with Bruno's vocals.

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