Lacuna Coil

Live at The Regent Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

October 1st, 2019

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Italian melodic metal masters, Lacuna Coil return to the States just prior to the launch of their latest album, "Black Anima" (which lands on October 11th). This album will be their ninth full length release since their debut back in 1999. Reaching their twentieth anniversary sees them get heavier with each of the last releases, but still retaining their gothic undertones.

Lacuna Coil are most renowned for featuring both male and female lead vocals which juxtapose the beautiful angelic voice of Cristina Scabbia with the often much harsher punctuation of Andrea Ferro's vocal delivery.

Joining these two ultra-talented singers are founding song writer and bassist, Marco Coti Zelati as well as relative new comers Diego "Didi" Cavalotti on guitar and Richard Meiz on drums.

Lacuna Coil kicked off the show with "Blood, Tears, Dust" from their previous release, "Delirium". The three musicians were decked out in black and white face paint, sort of like Mexican Day of the Dead but with its own twist and style. Cristina and Andrea both had black hooded jackets on with their hoods up as the concert began.

They moved on to "Trip the Darkness" from the "Dark Adrenaline" album. These later albums have featured a much more distinct heavy bass driven sound and Andrea has gotten heavier with his vocals as well to the point where some songs border on melodic death metal. The uplifting voice of Cristina and the atmospheric use of melodies and keyboards elevate it into its own category, however.

"Our Truth" from "Karmacode" was up next and as is true for the vast majority of their songs, the lyrical and thematic matter looks at esoteric principals, introspective explorations of humanity, and railing against ignorance as well as promoting free thinking.

"Spellbound" brought ecstatic cheers from the crowd when the signature guitar riff resounded. A personal favorite of mine, that was obviously mutually shared with a large portion of the audience, brought smiles all around the venue. Since the "Shallow Life" album dropped ten years ago this song has been a main-stay of their live sets, much to all of our collective appreciation.

Cristina took a moment to address the audience and thank everyone for being such loyal fans over the years. She was excited to talk about the new album that was releasing in just ten days. As way of introduction to the first of new songs to be played live she said that even if things are tough right now to persevere as time moves on... as there are always "Layers of Time".

Lacuna Coil moved back to the "Delirium" album for "Downfall" before performing one of my favorite songs off of "Broken Crown Halo" with the aggressive "Zombies". The audience was extremely enthusiastic with fists in the air, clapping and singing along but I was surprised that no mosh pit broke out during the entire set despite some of these songs being really heavy.

There was a huge amount of women in the audience, which may have had something to do with it, but even though there wasn't friendly violence escalating up front, the band definitely felt the energy from the crowd and commented on it several times through out the performance.

Giving "Delirium" another bout of songs, they did two of my favorites off that album in a row with the awesome "My Demons" followed by "The House of Shame".

Crisitina said that with so many songs in their catalog now that it was getting hard to choose what to include so they asked the audience if they would rather here "Swamped" or "Heaven's a Lie". The cheering left no doubt what the crowd wanted and she responded by saying "everyone knows Heaven's a Lie!" This song was the oldest track of theirs included in the set and has been a hit of theirs since the "Comalies" album dropped fifteen years ago.

Cristina lead into the next song by commenting again on the amazing energy in the room and that it was making her feel "Reckless", which was the second new song from the upcoming "Black Anima" release they did this evening.

She paused one last time between songs to tell us it was the part of the night they hate, but their set was drawing to a close. They had one final song for us which would be the empowering, "Nothing Stands In Our Way" from "Broken Crown Halo".

It was an great set tonight, with excellent song selections centering around the "Delirium" album but with songs coming from throughout their twenty year history and even a few new ones to entice us for what lies right around the corner.

I love seeing Lacuna Coil live. The interaction of these two amazing singers and the band's overall unique take on metal is really epic and enthralling. I can't wait to hear the rest of the new record and really looking forward to when Lacuna Coil comes back through Los Angeles to see more of it played live.

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