Lacuna Coil

Live at The Belasco Theater

Los Angeles, CA

April 16th, 2022

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Italian dark metal masters, Lacuna Coil return to North America! Following the great pandemic they finally make it back to our shores to serenade their fans with a massive dose of their unique take on metal, featuring a set list spanning twenty years of releases - including a major showcase of material from their latest master piece, "Dark Anima".

Led by the uncompromising vocal duo of Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, the two feed off of each other as they alternate between epic and feral and weave a fantastic web as they take us on their journey.

Primary song writer and band founder Marco Coti-Zelati glowers at the crowd with his macabre face paint as he lays down the heavy bombastic low end on bass guitar. Diego Cavalotti holds down the opposite side of the stage shredding on his guitar while the latest addition, Richard Meiz, holds up the back on drums.

They kicked off the set with "Blood, Tears, Dust" from 2016's "Delerium" album. The fans were eager for the Lacuna Coil magic and were cheering and screaming from the moment they walked on stage.

The set was composed entirely of songs from a fan's dream wishlist, and if any complaint could be leveled, it would only be that the set did not go on longer to pack in even more songs.

They took a trip back to 2012's "Dark Adrenaline" release for the powerful "Trip the Darkness" track before laying heavily into "Dark Anima". "Reckless" gave way to the timely "Apocalypse" before moving into my favorite song off the new album, "Layers of Time".

"Layers" is one of their heavier songs, Andrea going into full death metal growls before the song 180's and Cristina takes over with an absolutely epic refrain: "Burning Angels Falling through the Spiral of Time".

They segwayed into their oldest song of the night with Cristina asking if the audience was ready for one of their break-through favorites. The entire theater cheered and everyone sang along to "Heaven's a Lie" from "Comalies" which just turned twenty years old!

They brought it back to the present with another two songs off "Black Anima", starting with the melodic "Save Me" followed by the monumental "Veneficium".

Rounding out the set with two final songs, they did "Our Truth" from 2006's "Karmacode", which sparked another heart felt reaction from the crowd, and to put the final icing on the cake so to speak, they finished with their anthem, "Nothing Stands in Our Way".

It was an absolutely brilliant set with every musician bringing perfection to the stage. Cristina had a huge Cheshire Cat grin the entire time and the audience ate up every second of the performance to the last note.

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