Lamb of God

Live at the Fox Theater

Pomona, CA

May 12th, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Lamb of God are a heavy metal band out of Richmond, Virginia that have been instrumental in revitalizing the American metal scene since 1994. Spanning many sub-genres they utilize elements of groove metal, thrash metal, industrial metal, and death metal along with a heavy dose of hardcore.

Fronted by vocalist Randy Blythe the roster of musicians has stayed consistent since the beginning with Mark Morton on guitar, John Campbell on bass guitar and Willie Adler on rhythm guitar. The only notable exception is Chris Adler taking a hiatus on drums with Art Cruz filling his drum throne for the past year.

Lamb of God have been on the farewell to Slayer tour but on this night they are playing a headlining set in Pomona just outside of Los Angeles. This off-night show allowed them to play an extended set so was a must see even for Lamb of God fans in the area.

The old Fox Theater was packed to the rafters with metal heads and Polish death metal masters Behemoth had whipped them into a frenzy. Lamb of God took the stage to immense cheering from the crowd and immediately broke into "Omerta".

The set list flowed from one fan favorite to another, basing most the of the selections around "Ashes of the Wake", "Sacrament", and "As the Palaces Burn" albums. "Ruin" was followed by "512", "Engage the Fear Machine", "Descending", and "Hourglass".

Rhandy cuts and imposing image as he moves about the stage, his dreadlocks whipping around as he makes emphatic gestures driving his aggressive lyrics home. The set continued with "As the Palaces Burn" which led to the crowd pleaser, "Walk With Me in Hell".

The mosh pit was relentless, only pausing momentarily between songs if there was any breaks but barely as the songs came in rapid succession. "Still Echoes" fed directly into a personal favorite of mine with "Now You Have Something to Die For".

"Blacken the Cursed Sun" begot "What I've Become" followed by a cool cover version of "Inherit the Earth", originally by The Accused. The band did not really take a break and do a traditional encore, heading straight into the final two songs. Arguably, "Laid to Rest" and "Redneck" are Lamb of God's most popular songs and the audience were going break neck all the way until the end.

It was a great show, I am always struck by how great these guys are live. I am glad I drove out for this headline gig as the set list was superb hitting pretty much every song I was hoping to hear.

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