Lizzy Borden

Live at The Wiltern Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

August 17th, 2019

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

American Metal is one of Lizzy Borden's signature anthems and they have been living up to it's ideal since their inception way back in 1983. Last year saw their first studio album in eleven years with "My Midnight Things", which set the stage for this tour accompanying the legendary power metal act, Demons & Wizards.

Lizzy Borden is not only the name of the band, but is also the moniker by which the lead singer and band leader is known by. Remaining true to the bloody roots the name is associated with, Lizzy Borden utilizes horror themes and lavish stage costumes to invoke a larger than life persona and experience.

Lizzy himself initially came out in a chrome skull mask and impressive armor with a horn-collared cape that looked like something a villain in Masters of the Universe would be proud to wear.

This evening was the first night of the tour at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles and despite some initial sound issues with the lead vocal mic, by the third song they were up and running and sounded great from that point on.

He changed costumes frequently throughout the performance, shedding the chrome skull to reveal a mutant face with three mouths and noses which was pretty freaky looking, and proceeded through a number of other masks and outfits to go with each song's subject matter.

Joining Lizzy on stage was cofounding member and sibling, Joey Scott on drums, MÃ¥rten Andersson on bass guitar, Ira Black on lead guitar and an additional touring musician on second guitar.

They kicked off the set with the title track from "My Midnight Things" and moved through fan favorites new and old. "Tomorrow Never Comes", "Red Rum", and "Notorious" were followed by "Master Of Disguise".

The second half of their set list continued with another costume change into an old-timey night gown complete with bloody axe, which led to a baptism of blood for those in the front row during "There Will Be Blood Tonight".

An intensely patriotic flag-motif outfit was donned for "American Metal" which set up one last outfit, perhaps the most "mundane" of night but still striking for the finale, "Me Against The World".

It definitely was an interesting stage show and Lizzy's voice sounded amazing (except for the two songs where we couldn't hear him of course). The band seemed pretty tight and energetic and I liked the song selection so overall it was a really good show.

I think they got themselves in front of a lot of potential new fans by being part of this very special tour package, as Demons & Wizards have never toured before and the metal heads were out in force for this event.

Lizzy Borden are playing a special Halloween show at the Whisky a Go Go later this year ,so if you didn't get enough of him this time around, that show will allow for an extended set list and a chance for him to indulge the audience for the spookiest holiday of them all.

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