Mechanical Moth are an exceptional band. They are Dark Electro (with a touch of beautiful evilness, and melodic melancoly brilliance). It has dark, harsh but well sung male vocals, brilliant, bright and emotive female vocals, and nice dark harsh electronic music with many layers and variation but always setting the right mood for the song. I have been a fan from theri first album: "Prophecy of the Moth" . They also have released the EP "Torment" and the new album "The Sad Machine" which I bought as a double album with a great disc of remixes included. I love these guys and I have insisted on playing them at events and making sure they were heard. I have had people say the are too "dark" or too "melancholy" or too "electronic" but I think it is perfect, those words describe my favorite things in my music and here they are combined?. There is a sample on the new album that startes with "I hate happiness." It is so great.

Tina (VNA) and I ran into the lead male singer the next day and mentioned how great the show was. We also commented on how all the lights were cool blues and dull whites which lent to that nocturnal/lunar lighting scheme used on their album artwork pallettes but also in the vision of moonlit-moths and cyber color schemes in general. He admitted however that he had fallen asleep in the sun after injesting too much Mead the previous day of the festival (oh, how you have to love the Treffen, my personal vice is the Schwarz beer) and got sunburnt so badly that he had requested the lighting technician to not use reds and other hot-whites to avoid too much discomfort during the show. Regardless of any after-effects of the day before's partying, the show was phenominal. I have said more than once that I love this band and seeing them live only heightened that feeling. They appeal to the dark-electro-industrial nut that I am but I have always loved classical beautiful melancholy female vocals and there they are! Layered into the aforementioned muisc and it works really well.

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