Mila Mar

review by Travis Baumann

A friend of Tina's had recommended Mila Mar to us after having seen them live and were quite ecstatic about their experience, stating in no uncertain terms how great they were. On our trip to London we came across a disc by the band in a great CD shop up in Kensington Market known as Resurection Records and they put them in for us to listen to. "Elfensex" was the album name and I was immediately drawn to the vocal range and different sound of the music and vocals in general.

After multiple listenings I had grown quite fond of the band as had many of my co-workers who aren't really into this genre per say but kept asking about them. We were definitely interested in seeing them live based on our original recommendation and after seeing them I know now why our friend was so enthusiastic.

Mila Mar was headlining the first night's performance at the Parkbuhne. Ever since Janus had played earlier in the day the sun had remained strong and it was under a beautiful starry sky that Mila Mar played.

The band set up their instruments, an elaborate keyboard wrack to the front right, a intricate drum kit with tribal style percussion instruments accompanying the more technological pieces of equipment, and a violin/horn section set up.

The group came out to tremendous response from the crowd. The lead singer looked gorgeous in a long, slinky evening gown that sparkled and showed off her figure. She had short blond hair and went barefoot. The violinist/ flute player was another beautiful woman, more earthy than the lead singer with long brown hair and a smile that revealed she was enjoying playing for us as much as we enjoyed the music. The keyboardist and drummer each sported shaved heads and were rather hidden behind their instruments.

The lead singer had an instant charisma and charm that was only boosted a hundred-fold when she opened her mouth and began singing. I really like Mila Mar on CD, after seeing them live I can honestly say I love them.

Her voice was absolutely amazing, flawless and perfect with every note and intonation, and the range! She went from a child-like whisper to belting out notes that any operatic diva would be envious of. I found myself in awe the entire performance.

The violinist would switch instrument from song to song, picking up the electric violin, trading it in for a lengthy lute or a percussion instrument as the song called for, a true multi-talented musician that added depth, texture, and beauty, both aurally and physically to every song.

The lead singer had a large tribal style drum that she would beat on for certain songs as well and on one song the male keyboardist added his voice for background chants.

For every song I and the rest of the audience stood entranced by their music and when they were done we all just wanted more. We clapped until they came out and then silenced ourselves for the encore and finally the show ended.

I was completely blown away by their performance and consider it one of the best vocal performances as well as musical I have had the privilege of witnessing.

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