Nik Page is one of the reknowned masterminds behind the long-standing band Blind Passengers. Through this project I got to know him and once he branched out on his own, it was with great success, bringing in many guest musicians of handfulls of my favorite bands to compliment his solo project. I was very excited to get to see them at the Wave Gothik Treffen. We set aside his time-slot in the schedule to go to Werk II and finally get to see him live, having missed Blind Passengers entirely before they disbanded. Nik is quite a showman as well as a talented vocalist and musician. Bringing out megaphones and industrial lighting to enchance the stage show, he made it a great treat for the eyes as well as the ears. He did all the best songs off of Sacrifight and Sinmachine and although none of the guest muscians were present, they were hardly missed with the expert delivery of each and every song. I would have loved a version of Hall of Pain my very favorite BP song of all time but none the less, they did every song I needed to hear from his albums and I was completely satisfied with the experience.
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