Notes From Thee Underground Tour

Pigface members ruled the Glam Slam in downtown

Los Angeles on November 17th, 1994

Pigface is an offshoot of prevailing bands such as: Pil, Ministry, Killing Joke, Hyperhead, Skinny Puppy, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Throbbing Gristle, Crunch, Evil Clowns, Silverfish, Die Warsau and Psychic T.V.

Each member at the Los Angeles show added to the amazing sound of the well known supergroup. Martin Atkins, producer of Pigface, runs the Invisible label. Martin Atkins formed Pigface over three years ago in 1991 with the first Pigface CD, "Gub". "Gub" featured these outstanding musicians: Marin Atkins, Bill Rieflin, Ogre, Paul Barker, En Esch, Chris Connelly, Trent Reznor, Yow, Albini and Schultz.

At The Notes From Thee Underground Tour, Atkins continues to play incredibly on drums, creating his throbbing rythms of dementia. He uses Pearl drums, Zldjian cymbols, Aquarian drum heads and Trueline sticks.

When Meg Lee Chin gripped the mic with her silver gloves, she sang with a cool, harsh but harmonious vocal style. Dressed in all black with an ominous dull light shining on his face, Nivek Ogre from Skinny Puppy, sang, "Asphole". Charles Levi appeared courtesy of My Life With The TKK, adding vocals and bass.

Taime Downe on vocals, and Pat Sprawl both joined in on guitar. High-energy vocalist Mary Biker, perfomed from Gay Biker's On Acid and Hyperhead. Evil Clown's, James Teitelbaum played on keys.

Even headliners, Evil Mother's vocalist had to join in the festivities with Meg Lee Chin singing, "Fuck It Up." Great lyrics and sung live by Genesis P. Orridge on, "Your Own You Own". Pigface is the ultimate variety, many vocalists, musicians, and a super stage show to match. They've made the Glam Slam one of the best clubs to see a live show!


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