Prager Handgriff

review by Travis Baumann

Saturday was the big Electro-fest as I liked to call it. The venue, Werk II was basically booked from 1 in the afternoon until late into the evening with nothing but electro-industrial bands which of all the sub-genres of this awesome music is probably the closest to being considered my favorite. (It really depends on how picky you are and how many sub-genres and classifications you want to acknowledge).

The first band to play this electro day was Prager Handgriff. Tina and I have both been fans of their material for quite some time and especially loved the last album "Schindluder". A short while before our departure we had also picked up a copy of their newest remix EP which I mention here just because I love the version of "Schindluder" on there so much and because their cover of "Touch Me" is pretty damn awesome.

They duo came out into the dark machine-shop environment of Werk II, which was at one point, exactly that, some sort of machine shop manufacturing plant - totally industrial. Unfortunately the acoustics in the place weren't designed with music in mind but everyone there sounded great anyway.

While the one member bounced around behind his triple-wrack of keyboards the lead singer continuously moved about the stage, delivering his vocals in the perfect deep style we had grown to love on the CD's.

They did so many of the songs I enjoyed off the discs but I totally lost track of what songs they were doing. We enjoyed this first performance and prepared ourselves for the numerous bands to follow. Prager Handgriff gave a great presense and their promotional material was really top-notch as well including a cool mouse-pad to add extra enjoyment while working on the computer.

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