Sanguis et Cinis

review by the Virtual Night Angel

The Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival was held from June 1 - 4, 2001.

Sanguis et Cinis played live June 3, 2001 at Parkbühne in Leipzig, Germany.

Sanguis et Cinis consists of: Eve Evangel and Celine Cecilia Angel. Adore Asherah and Wayne Deleon are additional members.

Sanguis et Cinis were one of the main reasons why we chose the Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival over the other great festivals held in Germany. Someday we will attend the M'era Luna, Wood Stage, Euro Rock Fest, Zillo Festival and all the other great festivals. We really respect In-Move who put on Doomsday 2000 and feel they are great promoters. We heard the Wave-Gotik-Treffen was the best of all the festivals and the line-up completely blew our mind! This time I decided I would photograph the bands, as well. I was nervous before seeing Sanguis et Cinis for the first time. I was standing in the photo pit waiting for the introduction to start. What if they think my camera is a dinky piece of shit? What if they get pissed that I keep zooming in on them to snap as many quality shots as I possibly can? What if Eve Evangel throws something dangerous at me? We were allowed to take pictures for three songs. Eve Evangel appeared in many ways flashy, flamboyant and bratty with his opening statement, "We're a fucking rock band". Eve Evangel acted like he's been in the scene for a long time, which he has. He had a tremendous level of confidence. During those first few moments I got a Groovie Mann / My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult vibe. It was a good thing and the small similarities were amusing.

Eve and Celine were full-blown on stage right before me and it was truly amazing. It was intimidating for me. They are really cool close-up. I could definitely feel an aura about them both. The outfits, make-up, nails, jewelry and head dressings were all really special. There was a huge line formed outside for people waiting to see Sanguis et Cinis and enter the Parkbühne stage area. There were so many completely entertained fans. You'd have to be crazy to take your eyes off this band. These are two very beautiful people and extremely talented. Eve has been making music since at least 1989. He started providing Sanguis et Cinis music to the public in 1995. It was a very enchanting experience seeing them live. The live voices of Eve Evangel and Celine are so unique and have such an impressionable effect. It is a different sound that they have combined and created together. Sanguis et Cinis' sound as good as they look! Their attitude is very dominant mixed with their intense fashion, gothic make-up and very striking appearance. Eve Evangel, the male lead singer and lyricist had an X on his head, wore a skirt, a pink fluffy boa that matched his magenta side streak in his hair and his pink nails. Eve Evangel is so beautiful, handsome, bold, masculine, fearless and dresses in an appealing way. On bass, Adore wore his new purple SeC jersey shirt from one of the Sanguis et Cinis fan clubs and later bared his chest with some very unattractive writing. The guitarist, Wayne proved to be an experienced musician. Eve's voice is a wide range of preferred styles. Eve sometimes uses old punk reminiscent elements to the music. Eve Evangel is a great singer and composer. At times Eve Evangel reminds me of an old favorite, Danzig. Eve doesn't need distortion, although he does use it well when he chooses to. Celine Cecilia Angel's voice can get very high pitched at times, but not off key. Celine Cecilia Angel's voice is exceptional and she sings so peacefully. The more I listen to their CD, "Madrigal" the more I like it. "Amnesia" is still my all time favorite CD. I've bought it again after I lost the first copy. The "Schattentanz" Compilation featured the song, "Personenkult" by Sanguis et Cinis and it is an awesome introduction to the band and different from the CD version.

I wasn't sure if Celine Cecilia Angel & Eve Evangel were together as a couple or not. They didn't flirt during the show. I did want them to interact more at times but they were really focusing on their sound, showing fans how musically inclined they are live. Eve Evangel and Celine Cecilia Angel are married. I think Eve and Celine Cecilia Angel are gorgeous and a match that was meant to be made. I've always gotten a "they're perfect for each other feel". I get a romantic feel from the band. I was not surprised that some individuals at the festival tried to look as adorable and unique as sweet, skinny, pixy, Celine Cecilia Angel and dressed in her signature attire.

Perhaps SeC is too good for any one set style or genre title of music. They are really broad, multi-talented artists with extraordinary ideas that they have followed through with. I really think Sanguis et Cinis is part of a growing group of artists that continuously contribute to the scene. This band is not inaccessible. The whole set was just too short, only about forty-five minutes. We really enjoyed the experience and wanted it to go on so much longer. What will they do live next? Thanks to Eve Evangel and Cecilia Cecilia Angel for providing so many photos for everyone to enjoy in the CD's, on the internet, allowing people to take photos at the live venues and all the extra efforts you have made. -VNA

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live: Leipzig 2001 Wave-Gotik-Treffen