Live at The Regent Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

January 21st, 2019

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Septicflesh are a symphonic death metal band formed nearly thirty years ago in Athens, Greece. For the better part of three decades they have been making "Dark Art" in the form of aggressive extreme metal with epic symphonic elements that punctuate the driving guitars as they lyrically explore the mystical mysteries of the universe and its denizens.

The band is composed of Seth Siro Anton on lead vocals and bass guitar, Sotiris Vayenas on rhythm guitar and clean vocals, Christos Antoniou on lead guitar (as well as all compositions), and Kerim "Krimh" Lechner on drums.

Seth is also the legendary artist Spiros Antoniou whose art graces the covers of literally dozens of album covers from artists as varied as Belphagor, Moonspell, and Paradise Lost to Kamelot, Nile, and Serenity. The backdrops and stage artwork that accompanied them are also done by his hand and paint the perfect setting for their music.

Septicflesh are touring in support of their latest album offering, "Codex Omega". The set list favored this album heavily but they also delved into a hand full of albums that came before, focusing on those released after their reformation in 2007.

They kicked off the set with "Portrait of a Headless Man" from "Codex Omega". Smoke plumes blasted up from the stage edge as the four men came out, all donned in sinister costumes that remind me of Dracula's battle armor from Coppola's version of the tale combined with some Cenobite attributes from Barker's Hellraiser saga.

This song embodies the full Septicflesh experience with orchestral elements giving way to bombastic explosions of guitar riffs, blasting drums, and growled vocal delivery. Moody lighting enhanced the atmosphere, varying from dark reds to intense whites as the song shifted back and forth.

"The Vampire from Nazareth" came next, which paints a very different picture of the biblical tale and is drawn from their 2011 album, "The Great Mass".

They returned to "Codex Omega" for "Martyr" before venturing to the sole offering from the "Titan" album with "Prototype". Siro addressed the crowd at points, pulling the audience into the fold and always calling us all "his friends".

A return to "The Great Mass" for "Pyramid God" kept the circle pit churning but when he announced the next song was about a canine headed Egyptian god and came from the album "Communion", the crowd went nuts. "Anubis" definitely came across as the fan favorite of the set and the pit took off with renewed energy.

Septicflesh returned to the latest album for the final two songs of their set, the first being "Enemy of Truth". As the song came to a close Siros once again spoke to the fans saying, "The final song is upon us my friends. This song is about what all of us love and what we must continue to make... Dark Art".

It was a great show. The only things that would have made it better was a longer set time and if they had a bit more stage space as they were a bit pushed forward from the headliner's gear and risers.

Septicflesh are exemplary of the symphonic death metal scene and truly are masters of "Dark Art".

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