Shattered Sun

Live at Mayhem Festival

San Bernardino, California

June 27th, 2015

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Shattered Sun was up second on the Victory Records stage at this year's Mayhem Festival. They are a group of guys hailing out of Texas and they perform Extreme Metal, following a current trend of harsh verses and more melodic vocals for the chorus sections.

The stage seemed packed with musicians, the band featuring two guitarists (one of whom also added addtional growled vocals), a bassist, their drummer, a keyboard player who also sang backing vocals, and a lead singer on the center riser.

Shattered Sun have been around for nearly ten years but have had quite a few lineup changes in that time and put out a number of EP's. Just this April they released their first full-length album on Victory Records.

The vocalist seemed very personable and said, "On hot days like this, we drink beer down in Texas". The mosh pit started to build up during their set and it seemed like they went over well with the audience.

They are pretty decent really and it looks like I will be able to check them out again on tour with Soilwork, Soulfly, and Decapitated later this fall.

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