Subway to Sally at WGT XI by Travis Baumann

Talk about kick ass. What could possibly satisfy after In Extremo exits the stage?

Well, In Extremo being my favorite band of all time after seeing them for the second time, I would have said nothing.

Subway to Sally are awesome to say the least. Total energy, total talent. I love Subway to Sally. How is that for a statement?

Subway to Sally are an amazing ensemble as they are more than just a band. First off, Frau Schmitt on her violin adding an elegant element both musically and visually was fantastic but add on top of that the rest of the finely polished musicians and of course the front-man Eric Fish and you have an unstoppable act.

Eric was dressed like an executioner or a cenobite from Hellraiser with a black leather harness exposing portions of his torso. His hair was cropped short (which I like much better than his longer hair from earlier years) and he had tightly trimmed facial hair. He looked really cool and was extremely hyper and active during the entire set.

All the members of the band looked extremely cool as the driving rhythms and powerful guitars added nicely with the expert playing of the violin and the distinctive sound of Eric's voice. I really enjoy their newest album at the time of this concert in 2002, "Herzblut". My other favorite is definitely "Hochzeit" their album previous.

I was super fortunate as they did all my favorite tracks off both of these albums and a lot more.

We were in the photo pit for only one song due to the huge amount of photographers trying to get pictures of these guys, instead of the usual three songs, fortunately we were right in front when they did "Henkersbraut", my all time favorite song of theirs. It was so cool, I didn't know whether to dance and sing along or to focus on the photography.

Other awesome tracks included, "Die Schlacht" (the battle), "Veitstanz", "Kleid aus Rosen" (Dress of Roses) including an acoustic reprise as a second encore, "Boses Erwachen" (A Bad Awakening), and "Mephisto" and many more.

These guys played multiple encores and must have been on stage at least an hour and half.

I can't recommend these guys enough, definitely on CD and if you have a chance to see them live, by all means do so.

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