Sworn In

Live at Mayhem Festival

San Bernardino, California

June 27th, 2015

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Sworn In hit the Victory Records stage mid-afternoon, being third in the lineup for the day's performances. Sworn In are a Metalcore band coming from Illinois.

Their style utilizes the signature Metalcore trappings with screamed aggressive vocals for the majority of the verse sections, transitioning to a more melodic style on the chorus.

While some of the Metalcore performers of the day have a near hipster appearance, these guys had a darker image, mostly in black with red pieces of cloth tied around their right arms. Their banner in the back drop was a red field with large scissors on it.

I think some of their songs sound pretty good and others I didn't really care for but there was a good section of the audience that were definitely fans of the band, and the mosh pit was picking up momentum as the day went on. These guys had a lot of energy and a moody quality with a heavy dose of angst that went over well with the crowd.

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