Terminal Choice

review by Travis Baumann

Having seen Terminal Choice last year, I pretty much new what to expect of Christian "Chris" Pohl's live performances under this moniker. Last year they played an outside venue in the sun and at this year's festival he had an indoor venue set up so we had a different ambiance to sample.

The stage line-up consisted of one of the guitarists from last year's show and a new member to replace the huge guy who had a hockey mask. Gone was the keyboardist in Hannibal Lechter muzzle, gone was the keyboard all together. I couldn't tell if the drummer was new or the same one as last year.

Finally "Chris" appeared, this time trading in the mesh shirt for a tight t-shirt exclaiming "Rock Star" in chrome rubberized print with a shiny star to match. His hair was a bit more sprouty and disheaveled and he left the ominous contacts at home this time with the keyboard it would appear.

They played material predominantly from the last full length including all the hits like "I'm your saviour", "Animal", and "Armaggedon". "Chris" does put on a good show, always gesturing with emphatic evilness with each verse.

I felt his outfit was a little too cheesy and although there was more live instrumentation than the Blutengel show the night before, I was much more impressed with that performance and the addition of the female vocalists and more stage performance on everyone's part.

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