Interviewed May 5th, 1996

by Virtual Night Angel

VNA - Hi Ed, Hi Shawn. Shawn, it's nice to hear your voice.
Thank you for the hand written letter and lyrics. I really appreciated it.

Shawn - Everybody gets hand written letters because my word processor is down.

VNA - That's cool, it's more personal than a typed up form letter that some bands will send out to everyone that writes.

Shawn - Totally, stuff like that is really lame. You write to a band that you really like and you get some Xerox fan club bullshit back, it's ridiculous.

VNA - I've been a fan of yours for two years now, but THD started in 1989, plus you were previously in the band, Teknition.
I am very happy THD is now available through Hard Records and Cleopatra.
Why did you sign to Hard Records as oppose to an American Independent Label?

Shawn - Who else wanted us?

VNA - I don't know, did you approach a lot of other labels?
Or were you waiting for someone to approach you?

Shawn - Hard Records was the only label that actually showed an interest, so we signed with them.

Ed - We got a really good review in Side Line magazine.

VNA - Yeah, I'm familiar with Side Line and have made some friends on the internet that write/work for the magazine.

Ed - We made it into their top five demo tapes of all time. Hard Records saw that and contacted us for more material. They liked it and signed us.

VNA - I have not seen your Hypocrisis CD at my favorite import store, and am wondering why it's not also being released on Cleopatra?

Shawn - That's a good question, and we'd like to know, too.

VNA - That really sucks. You'd think Cleopatra would want to release all the quality material they can get their hands on.

Ed - At the time I don't think Cleopatra was interested in doing EP's but now it seems like they are. It may be old material to them now.

VNA - Why don't you also sell your CD's on your web page on the internet? Then I'd just buy the Hypocrisis EP directly from you?

Shawn - Because we don't have any.

Ed - We're lucky if we get copies for ourselves. We have to ask for them all the time.

VNA - You don't want to get them pressed yourself and sell them?

Ed - It's a lot of money, plus we won't be able to buy other toys.

VNA - Your equipment list is huge!
Was there another member in Teknition?

Shawn - It was Ed and I and Alex Kane from G. P. C.
That was five years ago.

Ed - Alex use to run a tape distribution kind of thing. There were two bands, one on each side. There was a booklet and some type of really interesting packaging. Some of the bands featured were:
Mentallo & The Fixer, Non-Aggression Pact, and Kevorkian Death Cycle.

VNA - What does G. P. C. stand for?

Ed - General Purpose Cassettes. They are long out of print and we're not sure where Alex is. Last we heard he was working in Delaware for a software manufacturer.

VNA - What were your roles in Teknition?

Shawn - I did the lyrics and the vocals and a little sequencing. Sequencing was a whole group event. Someone would put in one track and somebody else would do another.
There were some handles, we all had made up names.

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