Tristania is one of the most exciting bands I have ever seen live. The epic power of their heavy guitar assault mixed with four different vocalists' talents make a massive emotional impression on the listener. I have listened to Tristania for years, their album "World of Glass" standing out as one of my favorite albums of any genre with such classics as the title track and the even stronger "Tender Trip". Finally I had the chance to see these songs performed live as well as new material from Ashes (their last album at the time of this show). Tristania were headlining my favorite venue at the Wave Gothik Treffen, the Park Buhne which is the only outdoor venue used every year. Osten and Vebeke have argueably the best voices in the genre, especially in combination and both singers were very entertaining on stage. A third vocalist handled the dark growly harsh vocals and Anders, the founding guitarist would join in for additional harsh vocals.
I absolutely love their newest CD Illuminations and think it their best yet. Unfortunately Vebeke decided to leave the band just after this album came out so we wont be able to relive this live experience in all it's wonder but they have finally found a new female lead and I am hoping to see them again with the new line up. The harsh lead vocalist in these pictures was on the Ashes CD but not on Illuminations so obviously the entire live presentation will differ next time but as long as Anders, Einar, and Osten are present I am sure the future of Tristania will be as powerful, moving and awesome as their past.
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