The set moved onto the first song and pyro-technic effects began streaming gouts of fire all around the stage. The wrack with the two women had blasts of fire emenating all along the top piping.

Once the brunette was strapped into the wrack, the blond started rotating her, the wrack being built to allow the victim to be rotated head over heels. Mozart went to the wrack and for the first time revealed his face as he slid the hood back and licked the brunette's crotch as she was rotated upside down.

Mozart removed the robe entirely, and moved back down to the mic as the set picked up force and speed and the crowd went wild. The blond finished up her tortures and released her victim who then sang back up vocals for one of the songs which sounded really good. Mozart himself sounded exactly like you would expect him to, just like the CD's.

At intervals, Mozart would leap out on top of the crowd who cheerfully supported his body surfing and returned him to the stage. The brunette was now chained from her wrists and ankles from a single hook so she hung chest-down five feet above the stage. Mozart then pushed her so she swung wildly out over the audience. She then began pumping herself into higher and higher arcs as she sailed out over the audience and back over the stage - it was really amazing, I'm surprised she didn't dislocate a shoulder or something.

After this amazing stage show, things didn't tame down as next four members of Tanzwut(!!!!) came on stage sporting their doodle-sacs! It was so cool, Teufel looked awesome with his red pointy devil-horn hairdo. Once the pipes kicked in you knew what was coming - they did "Feuer and Licht", and then another song and then everyone cleared the stage.

They returned after just a moment's rest and did "Weinst Du" which just kicked ass followed by track four off of the Tanzwut self titled album while Mozart surfed around on his fans' supporting arms. As the song started winding down Mozart returned to the stage, everyone waved good night and the show was done leaving everyone pretty much breathless.

This show was definitely the highlight of the festival for me, the perfect way to end the final night of the four day bash. I was really excited just to see Umbra et Imago but to see Tanzwut accompanying them on stage was more than I could have asked for.

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