Wednesday 13

Live at The Whisky A Go Go

Los Angeles, CA

February 7th, 2020

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Wednesday 13 returns with a new album and a new tour full of new visuals and a change up from their set list from the last few years. Remaining strong in the horror themed verse and style, they put on one hell of a show.

"Necrophaze" dropped this last September and Wednesday 13 has not let up on touring since they finished the record. This round-about through their home town of Hollywood sees them as special supporting act of the Helsinki Vampires, The 69 Eyes.

The band circling around the namesake front man Wednesday 13 is built up of a talented group of musicians with Roman Surman on guitar, Jack Tankersley on guitar, Troy Doebbler on bass guitar, and Kyle Castronovo on drums.

Wednesday 13 kicked of the show with the title track from the new album, "Necrophase". He was covered in a florescent green substance that made him glow in the club lighting, his signature third eye emblazoned from his forehead. A consummate performer, he had the Whisky's capacity crowd enthralled from the moment he stepped foot on stage.

He donned a black ski mask and large blade for "Zodiac" and maniacally cut the air as he sang. He did a few older songs which thrilled the long-time fans with "I Want You... Dead" from "Transylvania 90210" and "Scream Baby Scream" from "Skeletons".

Still one of my all time favorite Wednesday 13 songs is "Serpent Society" which was awesome to see live again. He donned a devil mask and a glowing pitchfork which he pumped in the air as the lighting went blood red.

"Condolences" was the previous album and a great release at that. They did "Prey for Me" from it before returning to the latest album for "Decompose".

"What the Night Brings" had everyone singing along but the final song of the set came all too soon with the classic "Keep Watching the Skies" from "Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and Plague".

It was a great show as always with Wednesday 13. He has become a master of on stage costuming, lighting tricks, and showmanship that is both creepy and down right fun. They have been touring like mad men, joining all sorts of different lineups to reach as many as possible with their sinister message.

I am looking forward to another headline show here in their hometown at some point in the future as this set was just too short and they have too many songs that the fans want to hear.

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