review by Travis Baumann

I had only heard two Weltenbrand songs prior to seeing them live but had enjoyed both of them quite a bit. Weltenbrand played right between E-craft and Mila Mar, two bands I was anxious to see live and so we decided to check out Weltenbrand's live performance.

The band consisted of a male and female singer, a drummer playing a pair of large kettle drums and then a keyboardist. The two musicians were both dressed in Weltenbrand long-sleeve shirts and had long hair left loose.

The female vocalist wore a nice blue evening dress that had a renaissance or medieval flare to it and the male vocalist wore a clean, black outfit. They opened with a track I had from a goth compilation CD which consisted of a lot of cool chanting and keyboards and drums that lent to an epic scale.

The two vocalists alternated singing and at times joined their voices making a very melodic, enjoyable listening experience. Mostly Weltenbrand plays slower, beautiful gothic pieces that are very soothing and inspiring. Their stage show was not elaborate but they put on a good performance and definitely encouraged me to go out and buy their CDs.

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