Live at Mayhem Festival

San Bernardino, California

June 27th, 2015

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Whitechapel was technically the headlining act of the second stage at the festival. They were the last band up before the main stage acts started and they had the longest set time of any band on this stage.

A lot of people at the festival came specifically to see Whitechapel so this was the busiest the Victory Stage got the entire day.

The band name is obviously a reference to the area of London where the infamous Jack the Ripper slayings occured many years ago, but the band itself is from Tennessee and has been around about nine years.

They are considered Deathcore which is a combination of Hardcore and Death Metal I guess. To me they are pretty much Death Metal vocally, as they don't incorporate the clean singing that is so popular right now, but their music has a bit more of the Hardcore feel especially with the drums and bass.

They honestly look a bit like hipsters but not as bad as say The Devil Wears Prada who were up right after these guys. These guys certainly are not bad, they have some good songs but I am a bit amazed at their popularity while some ridiculously awesome Death Metal bands remain relatively unknown.

Their set list included a number of fan favorites such as "The Saw Is the Law", "Let Me Burn", "Our Endless War", and "This Is Exile". They played at least another four songs and the mosh pit never relented for the full of their set.

There were two more bands that played this stage after these guys and between main stage acts but they had a relatively small crowd compared to Whitechapel as most of the audience moved down to prepare for the main event.

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