review by Travis Baumann

I had only heard about four songs of ASP prior to the show but I had become somewhat familiar with them and had grown especially fond of the "Schwarzer Schmetterling" song. I had it in my mind that if at all possible I would like to see ASP live as well as hunt down the full length CD in the shopping area. After looking at the line up for the 3rd day, we decided ASP would be the perfect way to start our Sunday and headed over to the park venue.

ASP consisted of a guitarist, bassist, two back up vocalists, a drummer and of course ASP himself. The rest of the band came to the stage first with ASP making a delayed entrance of grandeur. The crowd cheered at his appearance, a unique outfit of black velvet, his face paint stretching his smile into a malicious yet sorrowful grin.

He stretched out his arms to welcome his "children" and broke into song. He did nearly every song off the album and did them to perfection. The inclusion of two back-up vocalists really added strength and power to songs such as "Schwarzer Schmetterling" which I had been highly anticipating and it exceeded my expectations.

They did a song I was not familiar with at the time, called "Sing Child" which really blew me away. It had a really high energy electronic beat that got you moving and exceptional lyrics from the Head of the Fallen's point of view...a brilliant song that I often find myself hitting the repeat button to listen to at least twice on the CD.

The crowd reacted to each song, especially enjoying "Dancing", and my favorite "Sing Child". "Imbecil Anthem" and "Where Do the Gods Go" were also phenominal songs live.

ASP's facial expressions were hilarious, running the gambit from snarling rage to the verge of tears, to deitified indifference for "Sing Child". I felt ASP had an original and moving stage presence and luckily I found the album at the festival so I can listen to it repeatedly, recalling his on-stage delivery of the vocals every time.

ASP has a unique style combining many sounds that we have heard before but putting them together in a new and moving experience. For the rest of the day I was singing the songs and the CD has become one of my top favorites.

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