Sunday afternoon, June 3, 2001 ASP graced the stage for The Tenth Annual Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival. This performance was held at Parkbühne, a beautiful park in Leipzig, Germany. It was the third day of the festival and it was awesome to see so many bands. We had fun at the Laibach show the night before until it started pouring down really hard in time with the encore. We recovered from the previous night and were on time to see more. The stage was very professionally set up inside the huge park.

I kept hearing from Travis how this was going to be excellent. He was familiar with some tracks and was excited about seeing the band. I had seen a couple photos of ASP and I remembered the pictures of him having a white-faced bald look and embracing a dark sense of style. I think I originally saw ASP promoted with metal bands. I decided to stay in the crowd while Travis photographed ASP. I had heard a song or two but have to admit I had no idea what to expect when ASP came out. He looked hilarious with his exposed bare skin, but I didn't know what he would end up doing. He did have the potential to scare me. He acted serious, calm and cool as if everyone who didn't all ready know him, would now quickly have the chance to understand him.

ASP on CD consists of two very talented individuals: Matthias Abré and ASP. Their live show featured a large band, all of which were skilled musicians pictured throughout the two reviews. After seeing ASP live I continue to think about his charisma.

ASP had black make-up all over his pale white face. Up close, his personality did shine through his smile. He has a long black pony-tail section of hair down the back of his head, reminiscent of a warrior. I like ASP's style, I love the large face shot of him inside the CD booklet. Live he had blood and wounds, appearing scratched-up with a slit neck. On this chilly day he wore tight, little black shorts resembling lingerie with straps and below-the-knee bell-bottom leg-warmers. His skin and thighs were white as a ghost. His leg gear looked like it was suitable for a horse.

ASP stood tall before his crowd. The music of ASP is amazing and fun live! The music can sound gentle using classic violin amidst keyboard sounds in the beginning of "Und Wir Tantzen" and then the song switches from peaceful to invigorating and stimulating, an aggressive transition that is repeated in a moving and memorable way.

The way ASP sings is so easy to get accustomed to, so soothing and charming. I imagine different feelings listening to him sing. I feel emotions when I hear ASP before translating any German words. ASP and Matthias Abré create some of the most incredible music. ASP is so dreamy and a visionary performer - I love listening to his deep advice, a fearless voice combined with outstanding musicianship.

He is so friendly to his live audience. I watched ASP be adored and appreciated by a happy, smiling crowd. Maybe they had enjoyed pervious performances of his, or maybe they too were hooked on the CD titled, "Der Schwarze Schmetterling, Teil 1: Hast Du Mich Vermisst?". The people in the audience were there to support ASP in every way. Everyone who was present created a truly touching scene.

I love bands that sing in German. I can understand what they are saying with some translation, but too often I guess as to what they are referring to. I like the way the German Language sounds. However, the chorus of "Teach Me War" is in English, as many songs on the CD are. Sometimes he'll sing in German, sometimes in English or simply combining the two languages in a song. I like it when bands like ASP provide an English translation in the CD booklet or on their website. Even if it is a small important paragraph or part of a song, it really is helpful. ASP has some of the most wonderful lyric writing to share with his fans.

ASP's music is so good I could honestly compare it to the classic quality and potential audience range as Black Sabbath. Anyone with any kind of dark music interest would like ASP and Matthias' music. ASP really surpasses what has been done in the underground music scene. ASP's voice can induce visions without even incorporating additional hymns or chanting intonations. "Küss Mich" is one of my favorite songs, the harmonizing gives me goose bumps. There is no doubt the ASP team is skillful and knowledgeable.

The piece titled, "Sing Child" could arguably be ASP's best song. The demon-raising, motivating electronics make this down-right phenomenal. The ideas, programming, composing on "Sing Child" are electric with great beats and rhythms. Another unforgettable song is, "Where Do The Gods Go", which is done quite differently and shows what an innovative band ASP is. "Schwarzer Schmetterling", the theme-song proves the band's enthusiasm, leadership and passion for their music.

The two men behind ASP have a vast musical background. Every one of their songs is a work of art. When such a combined, remarkable talent exists and is heard, there is total satisfaction. "Imbecile Anthem" is lucky track seven on the CD with lyrics that are loud and clear and really work. "Dancing" is another song that the audience reacted positively to. ASP really put everyone in a good mood.

ASP is a great story teller. I can't wait for the next CD, ":Duett" out in October! This first CD stands up to many of my other favorite bands' current releases. ASP has some of the best artists making music. A few release parties for the new album, ":Duett" are being planned, like the exclusive October 26, 2001 event at Kulturruine in Karlsruhe, Germany. I've seen what the new ":Duett" CD cover looks like and it has really impressed me.

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