Review by Travis Baumann

I have heard a few tracks by Endraum but I had always thought them a little too slow for my tastes. They popped up in the lineup between two bands we were anxious to see so we stayed for them.

I personally found them a little dull live. I would say about ninety percent of the audience decided to enjoy this band while sitting down as they did not provide a beat that kept you moving.

Most of the show the lead singer stood still, his eyes closed (or nearly so), chain-smoking as he sang. The keyboardist was very busy, and probably playing most of the pieces live as they were slow paced and honestly didn't imprint themselves on my mind or memory.

I'd have to say these guys were a bit of a snoozer and I was anxious for their set to draw to a close towards the end. They had tons of albums and T-shirts for sale so they've been around for quite some time but I didn't get that excited of a feel from the audience during their performance either.

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