Sanguis et Cinis

review by Travis Baumann

Just prior to Sanguis et Cinis taking the stage they played Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas". As the last notes were eminating from the speakers, the band appeared. The two super-stars, Eve Evangel and Celine Cecilia Angel came on last. The crowd cheered to see the death-rock duo, and they looked perfectly the part. They were as alluring and interesting as every image I had seen so far.

Eve stepped up to the mic, slammed down the guitar he came out with (smashing it to splinters) and exclaimed, "We're a fucking rock and roll band", violently breaking into the first song of the set.

My attention was drawn immediately (and continuously gaging from the disproportionate number of photos) to Celine who looked amazing, even more beautiful and elegant (with a serious amount of sass I might add) in person than any of the numerous photos I had seen.

Eve looked extremely cool in his unique fashion, a bizarre blend of masculant and drag mixed with a diva attitude blending both sentiments.

Accompanying these two, a guitarist and and bassist and if there was a drummer he or she was entirely obscured by a large draped framework. They had numerous beheaded Barbie dolls, barbed wire, bizarly painted manequins and other mood-enhancing stage props set up on this frame and around the stage.

I have been listening to them for only a year or a little more, but enough to have accumulated four of their CDs, their latest "Amnesia" being my favorite and they did many of the coolest tracks off of it. They did so many great songs including their cover of "Ama Deus and a new one called "Hey Fuckers!" both of which were really great live and made me smile.

They were engaging and entertaining from the first song to the last, a great stage presence with non-stop attitude emanating from Eve as he delivered each lyric and verse. His voice was perfect, even better than the studio.

Again I just have to emphasize how awesome Celine looked and sounded, all in white, with her now trademark two-tone hair style (which numerous fans in the audience had adopted). Her figure and fashion were so seductive and her blue eyes so mesmerizing from the stage. It wasn't until I got home and developed the film that I realized exactly how much attention I was paying to her.

By the time they were done there wasn't room to move in the venue, it was completely packed with adoring fans. It was easy to see that they live up to their catch phrase:

"The New Gods


Death Rock"

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