review by Travis Baumann

I caught Haujobb on their US tour last year and after so many delayed and canceled tours, I found them quite enjoyable live. They had a lot more energy in person than their latest CD's and did all the old favorites.

The majority of the cool electro acts were playing together at Werk II on Saturday and Haujobb was included in this line up, giving us the opportunity to see them on their home territory.

The difference in power and performance was astounding at their show at the Wave Gotik Treffen compared to my previous experience.

Not only was the crowd more worked up and responsive but Daniel's stage energy was as well. He flew from one side of the stage to the other adding more and more intensity to the lyrics and verses.

Their live version of "Eye over You" was amazing at this performance as was "World Window" . They did an excellent new track off the upcoming album that was powerful, danceable and had more than a hint of their older sound.

It was definitely worth catching them this second time in their own land, it was a brilliant show and revived my interest in them quite heavily. I hope their new album is as good as the new live track hints at.

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