Informal Voices

review by Travis Baumann

We had originally been aiming to see Scream Silence but upon arrival we noticed banners on stage for a band called Informal Voices. Near the T-shirt vending table a small sign indicated that Scream Silence had canceled and instead the band whose banners were hanging would perform.

Somewhat disappointed we decided to see what this new band had to offer. This band consisted of a live drummer, a guitarist, an attractive female violinist and the blonde, spiky-haired lead singer.

Their sound is very much a slower romantic style gothic/dark romantic mood. It was soft, melodic, and emotional. They were pretty talented and gave a good performance. I thought the vocalist had a very good voice and the violin added a lot to the sound and performance. It in no way made up for the disappointment of the cancellation, as Scream Silence are really cool but it was still a good band to see on a chance occurrence.

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